Social Media Coordinator wanted

Work as a Social Media Coordinator for Catholic organizations, and businesses!

Part-time job although it is expected to expand

Aug. 20, 2014

Want to work as a part-time writer promoting vocations and other Catholic apostolates from your home? Know the difference between a monstrance and a monastery? You can use your writing and internet skills and serve the Church in this job.

Get great experience and build your resume by working for TreeFrogClick, Inc., which serves both Catholic organizations and regular businesses. Tree FrogClick is the sponsor of this website, Vocation Promotion.

You will be working from home during your hours, from your own computer. You’ll be writing newsletters and posting on Facebook and other social media. Eventually, you will be working directly with vocation directors, under our direction.

A writing job great for:

  • College student, or recent graduate
  • Stay-at-home mom who wants to earn extra money
  • Retired person who wants to serve the Church and keep his hands in the tech world

What’s needed? Good writing and spelling ability, knowledge of the Catholic faith and vocations in particular. Also necessary are posting and uploading skills used on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and WordPress. The job will also involve file sharing on Google Drive, and using Google Search. Picture sizing ability is helpful. We will do some phone training, but you must be willing to learn new skills if need be, and juggle both writing and internet skills. If you are from the U.S., you will be paid as a 1099 consultant.

The job is part-time, taking about seven hours per week, but is expected to expand. The more skills and ways you want to grow, the more work I can give you. The job will start in early September, 2014.

If you don’t perfectly fit all of the qualifications here, give us a good pitch and we’ll consider it. TreeFrogClick is a marketing company founded in 2003 and is lead by Kevin Banet. Marketing and advertising is growing online, and we are part of this exciting trend. Our client base is growing, so apply to join our team today. See this website, and Kevin’s business marketing blog at

Please fill out the Application Form for the Social Media Coordinator, which surveys your interests and abilities.

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Ice bucket challenge gets Catholic college cleansed from vocations list

Catholic college president seems to be all wet

Sorry, Father. The ALS donations involve embryonic stem cell research, and your college is off the list.

You’ve seen them all over the internet. All kinds of folks, from celebrities to the teenager next door, are getting a big bucket of ice splashed on their head to raise money for ALS.

The intentions are good – to raise money to combat this debilitating nerve disease, also known as Lou Gehrig disease. But the ALS Association uses some of the funds raised in its work to fund embryonic stem cell research. Thus, pro life leaders advise against taking the ice bucket challenge.

That is why Vocation Promotion has removed this college from its target audience used to advertise its Test Your Call survey. Continue reading

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We’re joyful in Jesus! Aren’t you?

Mercedarian Sisters draw fans through Facebook ads

We're joyful in Jesus. The Mercedarian Sisters

We hope that this ad will bring in at least a hundred "likes," or fans in a few days.

There are only 90 characters in the ad you see.

And yet it takes less than 9 seconds for one of the 40,000 young Catholic single women who will read this ad to respond to it with a “like.”

Twenty of them, in fact, did so in the first 12 hours of this ad.

Why such a good response? The wording is simple and direct. There is a challenge here, a tugging of the heart in the words, “Are you?” Also, the underlying message is, “Won’t you join us? You’ll share our joy, too.” Continue reading

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