Institute on Religious Life launches new website

The Institute on Religious Life today launched a completely redesigned The new site is more dynamic and user friendly, houses a great resource of information, and provides expanded audio and video features.

“All of the changes are intended to convey a better sense of our mission and who we are as an organization,” said Michael D. Wick, executive director of the IRL. “We are so happy to launch our new website during the IRL’s 40th anniversary and as the Church prepares to celebrate the Year of Consecrated Life which Pope Francis declared to begin this October.”

The new site was made possible by a grant from Our Sunday Visitor Institute. It was designed by Solutio Software of Cheney, Kansas. Continue reading

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Three “musts” for growing your religious mailing list

Do you want to enjoy a growing number of friends, vocation prospects and benefactors?

Then keep adding the names of like-minded Catholics to your email list. By like-minded I mean those who appreciate your charism and find a personal connection with your community.

Sure, you have a signup form on your website, and maybe on your Facebook page. But how many new names do you really get? Don’t you want more?

Face it, you must reach outside your normal circles to get new people. The best and quickest way to do that is with paid advertising. And to make it work, you must follow these three “musts”:

Non-profit landing page that asks for newsletter signups

This is the kind of compelling and easy-to-understand landing page that you need to have as part of your ad campaign.

Continue reading

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Do I qualify for the Newsletter Signup Program?

Take the below survey and Kevin Banet will personally contact you and let you know if you qualify for our Newsletter Signup Program.

1. Do you write an enewsletter at least once a month?
 No, but we plan to Yes, about once a month More than once a month

2. Does your newsletter benefit the reader in some way, and not just talk about your community?
 No Um, sort of Yes, it talks about our charism and spirituality

3. Are you aware that you have to nuture your relationship with your audience, rather than just expect them to respond immediately?
 No Um, sort of Yes, we do

4. Do you feel you know your audience well? Do you listen to what they say so you can understand how to meet their needs?
 No Um, sort of Yes, we do

5. Want to join our newsletter list? Yes No

6. Questions:



When is the best time for Kevin to contact you?


Please fill in what you see (letters are not case-sensitive):

Contact info for Kevin Banet

For information on the program, read our “Three ‘musts’ for growing your religious mailing list.”

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