Come & See Vocation Assessment Program

St. ClareA 15-question survey finds candidates

Do you find it difficult to find good vocation candidates? Have you tried various advertising methods, but they just don’t seem to work? Do you want to use social media but feel overwhelmed by it?

We at Vocation Promotion can find vocation candidates with paid ads on Facebook and our Come & See Vocation Assessment Quiz.

The Come & See Quiz has 15 questions which ask about the interests, behavior and capabilities of candidates for religious life.

There are three unique aspects about our program:

First of all, the names you get are for you only; they are not shared with anyone else. These candidates have responded to ads that we make uniquely for you.

Secondly, we advertise only to those within a certain demographic, such as age range, those who are single men or women, who are likely to be Catholic, and who are from the United States. With these safeguards, you don’t get an overwhelming number of the wrong candidates.

Thirdly, we work with our own proprietary target list, developed over years of research. We target certain interest groups on Facebook – those who have shown they have an interest in the Catholic faith. We are convinced that this kind of target marketing is better than generic ads on Catholic websites, on search engines, or printed ads.

The survey that the respondents to the ads fill out covers a number of interests, including whether they their faith is very important to them, or they have an interest in the consecrated/religious life. We can ask about health and financial concerns as well.


The Come & See Quiz involves an initial setup cost. Contact us for the campaign cost. There is no ongoing contract to sign. We feel confident that you will run the program again. You might want to run a few campaigns in a year, or you may want to run a program continuously. Either way, we encourage you to keep up with these contacts with a newsletter, phone calls, and social media channels.

We ask you to sign up for this program today and bring in a steady stream of religious to your community. Why not make this your new vocation project, and storm heaven for prayers? Prepare yourself for a renewal in your community!

How is our system so successful? We can’t tell you all the details since it is proprietary information, but we will say that we excel with our finely-tuned internet marketing techniques and knowledge of Catholic vocations.

What others are saying

“We have several in California that we’re keeping touch with, and several in the Midwest.” — Sr. Catherine, Servants of Mary vocation director, Kansas City, upon completion of the initial Come & See Quiz.

“Actually I have a young man here [this weekend] who came to us through it.” (Come & See Quiz) — Men’s order in the East

Sign up now

Sign up today. Don’t wait forever, because our out-of-pocket costs increase over time, and someday we will have to raise our prices accordingly. Your results are better during certain seasons as well.

Contact us today for your Come & See Vocation Assessment Quiz survey!

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