Why Use the Internet for Vocations?

Wouldn’t you like to have a consistent effort in finding vocations for your religious community?

Why work with a hit-and-miss method? Have you thought about hiring experts who know social media, internet technology, as well as religious/consecrated life?

We can help you with an aggressive promotion program using the most up-to-date online publicity methods. Our plan is to develop a pool of fans and friends who will get to know your community better, and then knock on your door to give their lives to Jesus Christ in your community.

Our focus is on Facebook, newsletters, and paid ads sent to young single Catholics. We also make use of our successful Come & See Vocation Assessment Quiz, and can build you an attractive website that is mobile-friendly.

Best religious candidates

Quite frankly, we don’t of any other program like it.

Our Vocation Promotion Plan is custom-tailored to suit your needs. We learn your charism, history, and goals. Our approach is threefold: 1) Capture your candidates, 2) cultivate their minds and hearts, and 3) qualify them. We have found through years of experience that it’s not good enough to just get lots of candidate names, or lots of visitors to your website. What is needed is a focused, systematic approach that will draw the best religious candidates to your community.

Our aim is to help you build a community of loyal and cultivated single Catholic candidates who can become religious in your congregation. fixed monthly budget. While we don’t require a long-term contract (we feel confident that you will be happy with our results), we ask that you give our program at least six months to judge whether you get real results.

Full-featured program

The Vocation Promotion Program, with its custom-tailored approach that uses the best internet technology, is unique in the Catholic world. While there are other programs that provide names, ours is the only one we know of that offers a full-featured digital program.

Plans start at under $1,000 per month. We don’t require a long-term contract; we feel confident that you will be happy with our results. However, we ask that you give our program at least six months to judge whether you get real results.

Our director is a man who lived for six years in a lay Dominican community and who has worked for more than thirty years in the Catholic apostolate. Kevin Banet is also well-grounded in internet technology, having designed websites as well as directed more than $18,000 in online advertising, mostly for nonprofits.

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