Your Promotion Grade

What is your online vocation promotion grade? Do you have a planned-out, consistent method for finding good candidates? Or do you keep saying, “We’re planning to do this someday”?

Take the survey below and find out how you rank when it comes to your internet vocation promotion. Count up your score by adding 3 points for each “Yes,” 2 points for “Working on it,” and 1 point for “No.” Add 3 if you can answer question #1. Press submit at the end for your results.

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1. Can you explain your charism, in one sentence?

2. Do you have a written vocation program that says who will do what?
YesNoWe're working on it

3. Do you have a plan to reach out to candidates?
YesNoWe're working on it

4. Do you have a way to keep track of, and communicate with candidates?
YesNoWe're working on it

5. Do you have a website that explains who you are? A contact form for candidates to complete?
YesNoWe're working on it

6. Do you use social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, Catholic Answers Forum, etc.?

7. Do you send out an enewsletter? Have a signup form on your website?

8. Do you explain your charism with videos, such as on YouTube?
YesNoWe're working on it

9. Do you have an organized prayer plan to further vocations?
YesNoWe're working on it

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