New Visitation Video Celebrates Year of Consecrated Life

Live Jesus! In a new and uplifting video by the First and Second Federation of the Visitation, we are inspired by the tremendous lives of the Visitation Sisters, which is described beautifully: “We strive to listen to the Holy Spirit as Mary and Elizabeth did, so that our song might become one with Mary.”

In this five-minute video, “Visitation Sisters Wake Up the World!” we receive a glimpse into the various charisms and works that the Sisters provide for the Church and for the world.  Set to the gentle tone of a Bach piano prelude, one’s soul is drawn into the joyful selflessness and life of devotion of the Sisters.  It is intended as a way to see the abundant fruit of their lives, especially as it is lived out in this Year of Consecrated Life, which was called for by Pope Francis.  Most importantly, the video hopes to serve as an instrument of the Holy Spirit to inspire the hearts of women to become the next generation of Visitation Sisters.

Pope Fancis and Visitation Sisters

With already over 200 views on YouTube, the video is clearly touching many hearts. Sister Mary Emmanuel commented, “This is very well done and beautiful. Thank you for doing it. Happy Year of Consecrated Religious!”  Providing a look into the life of the Sisters is a unique opportunity for people to witness something they might not otherwise see.  It is hoped that this inspirational video can continue to reach others, such as Dawn LaBorde, who said of the video:  “This is beautiful! Inspiring…to see all your joyful hearts. Thank you Sisters!”

The video was made by TreeFrogClick marketing.

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One good trick to get vocations at IRL’s meeting Saturday

There are some awesome speakers at this weekend’s Institute on Religious Life National Meeting in the Chicago area.

But your greatest advantage may lie outside of the halls of these stellar speakers.

You see, there will be hundreds of young, faithful Catholics at the meeting, and you can start some great relationships there.

I’ve got a technique for vocations that’s sure to be a winner. Continue reading

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Church expert speaks on social media for religious communities

Sisters on Facebook, Dan RogersHow would you like to have 358,000 Facebook fans? And why is that important?

How can you get that many fans? Read about what social media is all about, and how it can serve religious communities. Dan Rogers, creator of the Imagine Sisters movement, recently gave a presentation at the Institute on Religious Life’s Los Angeles conference. See his website at The Art of Story in the New Evangelization.

Dan is a seminarian and is spot-on when it comes to the use of the modern media for the Church. I met him at an IRL conference in the Chicago area a few years ago, and I hope we see more men like him serve as leaders in the Church.

(Register for the IRL National Meeting in Mundelein, IL this year!)

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